neděle 13. června 2010

Logotype of kids music group 5Angels

I don't know why, but this is a first ultra-commercial work I am publishing in my blog. Logo was create with my favorite co-author Libor Sejna.

Rainbow Marble – An international competition of advertising

Poster for competition of advertising in Zlin. I was born in Zlin – or more precisely in Gotwaldov (the name of Czech Communism president). O yeah, dark times of communism lit by Chernobyl atomic ... Key visual is from the imagebank. Unfortunately from the birth of my son I have no time for "Think and design it during 24 hours". Or fortunately?

sobota 6. března 2010

Bella Brutta for Valentyne

Bella Brutta Voucher for Valentyne 2010. Photo of Products by Melissa Plastic Dreams. More info on new of oficial Melissa website: The Czech Republic falls in love with Lady Dragon

středa 29. dubna 2009

Web site of very good jazzclub in Prague. Thanx owners of the Club Lucie & Jakub to give me free hands in designing pages.

čtvrtek 16. dubna 2009

logo Ufon

Logo for mobile operator. Co-author Štěpán Adámek.

I have finished web for my lovely friends Emi and Veronika from BB.

úterý 13. ledna 2009

Web presentation for Jana Mala – acttress.

pátek 19. prosince 2008

úterý 8. července 2008

Absolut elements 2008 - non commercial video

This is my first video. I had a idea, but I didnt have experience with animation. That is why I made this video with lovely support of Tomas Zach (

sobota 28. června 2008

Logotype, Corporate Identity and Microsite of Prague Shopp, Showroom and Fitting Room.

Bella Brutta Poster

Hand Made Poster of Bella Brutta Summer Program.

Desigual -Invitation

Invitation of presentation of Spanish Fashion Brand.

Desigual - Invitation

Hand Made invitation of press conference - Desigual wow collection.

Fourth Prague Exclusive Shopping Party. Fall Winter 2007. Leaflet & Web Pages.

Third Prague Exclusive Shopping Party: Fall - Winter 2007. Leaflet & Web Pages.

Second Prague Exclusive Shopping Party. Fall - Winter 2006. Leaflets & Web Pages.

Prague Exclusive Shopping Party Project Fashion Obsession– Spring - Summer 2006. Name – Fashion Obsession, Logotype, Corporate Identity, Web pages, leaflets etc.

Web pages of Affordable Gifst e-shop.